Gerber Introduces New G1-001 to Honor American Made Craftsmanship

Gerber returns to the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia in 2017. An industry pioneer, Gerber has been crafting world-class knives and tools for decades and the introduction of the new G1 Series of custom knives showcases that dedication. Gerber presents this new collection to showcase the craftsmanship, design, and skill that are ongoing components of its robust American Manufacturing facility.

Gerber G1 series

Each year Gerber will introduce new editions to the G1 Series, reflecting new materials, processes, and technologies. This new series serves to fuel the future development of production-caliber products, serving a large market of both professional and recreational users.

Gerber G1-001

A commitment to excellence in physical form, the introduction of the first knife of the G1 Series – the G1-001 – presents a distinct combination of new materials and processes on a tested favorite – the Propel Auto. Gerber experts provide insightful design, informed engineering, precise machining, and first-class execution to bring the G1-001 to life; a hands-on approach to craftsmanship with an end result that is undeniable.

The G1-001 is an elevation of the Propel Automatic. Since its release in 2013, the Propel Auto has been heralded as a top product in midsize frame ergonomics and steadfast reliability. After observing the success – both with the military and commercially –the Propel Automatic has achieved, it was clear it would serve as the ideal platform for the first G1 knife.” Karrson Koivisto, Product Manager at Gerber.

All upgrades on the G1-001 were meticulously considered, sourcing first-class materials and leveraging the master craftsmanship of the Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility. Each of the 20 hand built knives underwent a laborious 9 stage process, accumulating upwards of 60 hours each in production, processing, and assembly.

Gerber combination blade

A unique bi-metal blade is the foundation of the knife, each steel bringing different qualities to make the sum greater than the parts. Gerber exclusively sourced a custom-made blade combination of Hitachi Blue steel and 410 stainless steel. Sandwiched between the 410 stainless, the Hitachi Blue core is an oil-quenched steel that offers superior edge retention and acts as the unwavering backbone of the blade. The 410 stainless steel coats the Hitachi Blue and was chosen to improve the flexibility of the blade in use, increase resistance to corrosion and the elements, and the ability to be polished easily.

After using a waterjet to cut the blanks, each blade is ground top and bottom to optimal thickness before machining the tang. Once machining is complete, the blade enters a proprietary heat treat that brings optimal performance to both steels, not just the inner steel as is commonly seen in bi-metal blades. Following the heat treatment, the blade is hand beveled to perfection by a 15 year master craftsman and Gerber veteran. Once the blade processing is complete the knife is assembled by hand.

Gerber G1 series

Custom machined titanium handle scales encase the spear point blade that is housed between two oil-impregnated bronze washers. The washers self-lubricate during use to create butter-smooth deployment over time. The final knife is completed with blue PVD fasteners and spacers and a black DLC custom plunge lock, safety, and pocket clip.

Gerber custom blade

Each knife is hand assembled, double inspected, and serialized for collection.

The 20 unit serialized run comes with a matching serialized tag cut out of the same bi-metal steel, it serves as a certificate of authenticity and is unique to each knife” says Koivisto. “The knife and tag are served up in a custom Pelican case, a welcome addition to any discerning knife collection.”

Gerber will be selling the single batch, limited 20 unit run of the G1-001 at the 2017 Blade Show, where 100% of sales will be donated to the American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to defend and improve the rights and laws of knife users and manufacturers.


William Robert Crain II

The G1-001 really looks like a great knife. I bought my first Gerber a multi tool when you first put them out. I loved the fact you could open your pliers with one hand. The problem was the high carbon knife blade too thin to work well. It looks like this knife blade is made great. I think the metals will make the blade very durable. I’d love to check one out, being a disabled veteran I can’t justify the expense to my wife. Any samples?


Thats awesome. I live in Michigan and laws here are ridiculous on knives I really hope they improve. Thanks Gerber.

William Perez

Would love to buy two of them knives one for me and one for my son who is going into the Marines. What is the price please?

D J Pionzio

I would like to buy one, but with a run of only 20, since I’n neither famous nor well-connected, I imagine there is no chance of that. Nice knife.

joshua ramirez

Wow, looks great, I always buy made in America products and I stand by the Gerber name and even got a few of my relatives and friends hooked on the brand when I showed them a few if my knives on a camping trip. I hope I could add this one to my EDC list because it looks like it will last a lifetime.


It would be nice to see the entire knife in hand to get and ideas what it looks like.


About time… I love the propel but the G10 is a beast on my pockets. This would be a nice addition to the collection.

L. Solondz

Looks like another fine Gerber. When can and where can I purchase one?

Aaron Martin

Looks like your blade in picture has a slight curve to it. I’m disappointed that your blades go either excruciatingly expensive American, or cheap Chinese. I’d love to buy your American made products but not for the prices you’re listing them, I’m not on the market for babying them and your cheaper blades don’t hold up. Here’s to hope you’ll make blades at competitive quality and prices in the future. Until then, your competitors are taking my money.


Love the concept of the G1 series knives and the annual editions!
Keep Portland Weird!


I love the idea especially the case and using the Propel auto, but only 20 I live here in Oregon and can’t make it to blade show.

James B Bowens

I really want one of these new G1-001 knives. When will I be able to purchase this work of art? Thank you for your excellent tools!

Tom Robertson

This new knife looks great in almost every aspect as I love the propel feature
The only comment I have is the belt clip
Turn the screw attachment portion under to give a smoother look and feel also allowing it to sit deeper and more hidden

Bradly Dam

My first auto knife I bought was the 06 Auto -10th Anniversary Edition. I love it, and I’m waiting for this knife to come out, and there will be repeat business from me since this knife is in a series and can’t wait to see what they come out with.


That’s a beautiful knife. Love to know when it will be available! Love the craftsman ship.

Graye Roberts

I need this knife! I love the shape and design…. and the printing on the blade adds some nostalgia. Real american.


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