Gerber Marks Five Years as ‘Hero Level’ Sponsor of Best Ranger Competition

Gerber is proud to sponsor the 34th annual Best Ranger Competition in Fort Benning, Georgia. A testament to teamwork, dedication, and strength – the competition seamlessly aligns with Gerber’s continued effort to honor the men and women of the US Military. Actively supporting the event for many years, Gerber has participated at the ‘Hero level’ for the past five with contributions including financial support and the donation of life-saving knives, tools, and equipment.

“Gerber’s commitment to the US Military is unwavering, and we’re honored to support this important event alongside other brands in the industry and our category.” said Andrew Gritzbaugh, Vice President of Marketing at Gerber.

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Founded in 1982, the Best Ranger Competition was started by Dick Leandri as a way to honor his friend, Lieutenant General David E. Grange, Jr. In an effort to recognize the incredible service and contribution of his friend, a past Director of the Ranger Department and former Commanding General of Fort Benning, Georgia, Leandri suggested an annual event.

Best Ranger competiton

The original mission was simple: salute the best two-man team in the Ranger Department at Fort Benning. Over the years, the competition has grown to include two-man teams that represent the entire United States Armed Forces. Open only to military personnel who have completed the notoriously difficult Ranger School, the competition is where the world’s most elite soldiers come to test their endurance and skill. Spanning across 60 grueling hours, the event plays host to an array of challenging obstacles and tests, many of which the participants recognize from Ranger School.

gerber sponsors best ranger competition

And while the three-day competition is indeed a test of physical and mental fortitude, it represents much more. Spectators scattered throughout the course remind us that it is not only the men and women who serve that sacrifice. Competitors quietly honor fallen friends. In a job that is dangerous and often thankless, the event is small way to show appreciation. Through supporting the Best Ranger Competition, Gerber is able to serve those who serve.

The Top 3 winning teams receive a Gerber Downrange Tomahawk and all 50 competitors receive an Impromptu Tactical Pen.

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