The most difficult moments I’ve encountered are those of self-doubt, insecurity and negativity.  We all experience those moments – it’s how we deal with them and how quickly we recover that defines us, and positivity is the fuel for recovery. 

Casting for all that’s possible.

In that sense, there’s never a wasted moment spent outdoors. Each second adds to a lifetime of precious memories. When I think about past hunting or fishing trips, it’s the little encounters that stick out in my mind. 

There’s no limits to what the outdoors provide.

The time a masked booby perched on my rod tip as I waded along a coral reef edge in the Indian Ocean. That banded water snake that dropped from a tree above me to eat a catfish it was stalking along the cut river bank. When my paddle struck what felt like a rock but was actually the back of a resting alligator at night in the Guadalupe River Delta. The amazement and glory of each sunrise and sunset, and all the possible outdoor experiences one can fit in between them. The satisfaction of pushing your body and mind beyond perceived physical and mental limitations, and gaining the confidence that comes with it.

JT, outdoors seeking the moments that make all the difference.

Every moment outdoors – from those burdened by self-doubt, insecurity and negativity to those positive instances around them – offers an opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom.

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