Here’s the deal: you’ve got a little girl from Australia who thought, I reckon I can make a go of it in America. I emigrated six years ago, and now I’m living in Texas, teaching Texas dudes how to grill and BBQ and live fire cook. That’s kind of a big deal when you think about it. 

Trying new cuts is a hands-on experience.

As one of few women in the space, every day is met with a little bit of a challenge, because every day there are people who underestimate what I’m capable of. But that only serves to drive me further. 

Last year I enrolled back in school, which was spurred on not just by a desire to learn, but as a message to all of the doubters. Like, you don’t think what I already know is enough? Here’s a university certification. It’s a bit of a middle finger salute to people who doubt me. 

… When it’s your business to cook, and you’re the best in the business…

I make it my business to be a really good cook, to know what I’m talking about and to understand meat. So whether or not you have a problem with it, I can back up what I say.  And I never stop learning – going back to school, hanging out with butchers to glean their knowledge, trying new cuts, trying new techniques – because there’s always the next thing to be conquered. 

If you want to make the cut, you can never stop learning.

And that’s essentially my story.


Delbert Carpenter

That’s the best attitude to have when everyone thinks you are the underdog!!

Frank Gilbert

Sounds great and i always like new ideas and different ways of cooking outside Love Aussies as i spent 7 weeks there teaching for John Deere and would love to go on some of the big cattle stations to live for a while. Do you teach schools on cooking with wood and heat control etc like the old pioneers did?

Frank Gilbert

I’m also a Gerber fan and carry a small one daily – a knife aficionado and once a collector. I love Henkel and Zwilling knives for kitchen uses


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