Gerber Scores Twice in Real World Survival

Real World Survival highlights Gerber twice this month! Gerber’s Downrange Tomahawk is deemed an essential in “20 Modern Mountain Man Survival Tools.” This “do-it-all” tomahawk features a beveled edge for hacking away, a head on the flipside for pounding purposes and a handle that pulls pry-bar duty. The Downrange is fairly lightweight for a tomahawk, weighing in just shy of two pounds. Also this month from Real World Survival, Gerber’s Entrenching Tool hits the mark in “Top 5 Do-It-All Shovels & Entrenching Tools.” This tool is designed to be tough enough for military use. It has an aluminum shaft for strength and a handle made of glass-filled nylon to prevent rust or rot when it gets wet. The Gerber Entrenching Tool is built for digging in all types of terrain, yet it’s compact and can be folded, exposing a pick for digging in the toughest of terrain.  

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