Gerber Decree in the RECOIL Spotlight

In Unusual Suspects, RECOIL lays out the best of the best in corrosion-resistant knives. As any knife owner knows, rust is a knife’s secret killer. When it comes to working on the water or in wet or humid conditions rust always seems to find its way in. These knives, however, are as resistant to rust as knives get. Though not a maritime knife, the Gerber Decree is meant for harsh uses in all sorts of conditions. The Decree has a premium S30V steel modified tanto blade that is easy to deploy and the rubberized diamond textured handle provides a sturdy grip. The Gerber Decree is one of the most formidable corrosion-resistant knives available today!

RECOIL_Gerber_Nov2014  RECOIL_Gerber_Nov2014_pg1  RECOIL_Gerber_Nov2014_pg2