Gear Patrol Editor’s Pick For Best Multi-Tool of 2018 Is The Center-Drive

Gear Patrol named the Center-Drive as the Editor’s Pick for Best Multi-Tool of 2018, beating out offerings from Leatherman, Victorinox, and SOG.

Writer Tanner Bowden states, “The fundamental idea behind a multi-tool — to pack as many individual tools into the smallest, pocketable form — presents a dangerous flaw. Quantity can become a detriment to function. Think about it — how many of the dozen-plus claimed “tools” are you leveraging in a pinch? Gerber asked that exact question to the contractors, mechanics, outdoorsmen and members of the armed forces who use its tools. Then, it culled the common denominators and set out to make the ultimate master-of-a-few, failure-at-none multi-tool and came up with the Center-Drive.”

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