Gator Premium

As a best-seller for 25 years, the iconic Gator line has earned a place in Gerber’s storied history as the benchmark against which all other hunting knives are measured. Built to last for generations, the new Gator Premium series continues its rich legacy of first-class design combining the perfect balance of top of the line materials and innovative design. The Gator Premium line is crafted from American made S30V steel, offering unbeatable corrosion resistance and durability for any task the day presents. The iconic Gator Grip handle boasts a reptilian texture that delivers a reliable and unsurpassable grip. Back and better than ever, this long-awaited re-creation is well worth the wait.

Watch the tradition and legacy of Gator continue to evolve in a new generation of knives, the Gator Premium series.

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Bill Jeansonne

That was an outstanding video, actually one of the best I’ve seen. Great job showing a family tradition.

Steve kaps

I love this knife, works for long time before it needs to be sharpe up for the next job, the best in the west.

Eddie C

One of the best videos I have ever seen! My only wish is that you had also geared that towards daughters as well. I have three daughters who are all hunters like their Dad. They are my world and Gerber is our knife!

Eric Aguilera

A very humble way of expressing the family tradition of a partner than a generational legacy. Family, tradition and culture all expressed in a video. The best video in a long time. BRAVO!

Brian R.

I lost my Father nine months ago and as much as I hate to admit it, this video brought tears to my eyes. As his only son, it was understood that his belongings were intended to be passed to me. Every blade he owned, and there were many, the one that means so much is the Gerber carving set that was a wedding gift from his mother-in-law. That set is fifty-nine years old. The last line in the video really hit home,

Clay B.

You nailed it. It not just a commercial it’s a family tradition and friendship you brought to light. Thank you.


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