Deuce And A Half


Letter above transcribed:

March 17, 2005

This Gerber multiplier was lost during the 3rd week of Jan. ’05 at Camp New York, Kuwait. As I was inspecting my unit’s vehicles before we convoyed to Iraq, I noticed something stuck in the rear tire on one of our 2.5 ton trucks. It was this multiplier. It had been there for 2 weeks and traveled several miles in the tire. These are tough tools and this one is proof. If you can repair it and the warranty is good I would appreciate it.

Yours truly,

SFC Ronald H. Duncan

mp600_story_tool mp600_story_truck1

Over the last decade millions of Americans have served our country. Gerber has dedicated itself to these men and women by developing mission-essential, life saving gear for the battlefield. Today, that commitment is sustained developing new iconic tactical tools, rooted in experience, for those who continue to serve – in the military, in the community, or as ambassadors to the greater good. #StillServing

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