Adventure Not War

Adventure Not War is the story of three U.S. veterans traveling back into the mountains of Iraq on a mission to heal wounds and experience the country and its culture without the shadow of war. Gerber armed the team with the tool they needed to complete the expedition.

I came home from war. War never really left me. Some of my friends came back in boxes. Others filled those boxes Stateside. Climbing and skiing kept me out of the grave. In order to come all the way home and to leave war behind, I’m going back to ski and climb with a few friends.

        – Stacey Bare

Adventure Not War follows Stacy Bare and two other veterans Robin Brown and Matthew Griffin. The film follows the three US Military Captains on an unexpected journey to revisit Iraq, a country that has threatened their sanity since their time of service. This  film takes a new approach to war, empowering veterans to reclaim their lives and rewrite their histories in places where they served. We hope this film will help promote peace and a universal understanding that beauty can replace hatred if we strive for adventure, not war.

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