Gerber Vital Series a Hit with Upland Almanac Magazine

In the hunting world there are few pieces of gear more important than your knife. Gerber’s new “Vital” line hits all it’s marks with a functional and bold design at a reasonable price. The weight and blade style of the Vital Pocket Folder caught the attention of Upland Almanac’s editors. The replaceable blades are sharp as a scalpel, great for slicing meat with precision. Not only that, but the Vital barely makes a dent in the load of your pack, weighing in at a mere 1.3 ounces. Hunters, don’t forget to bring along Gerber’s Vital Take-A-Part Games Shears. This “is a tool upland hunters should not go afield without.” These shears are easy and quick to clean and the serrated edges remain sharp after multiple uses.  

Theuplandalmanac_summer2015_cover  Theuplandalmanac_summer2015_Gerber