The Gear Junkie Revisits an Old Friend – the Gerber Shard

Most often our friends in the media want the latest and greatest gear exclusively. "Oh that piece has been out a week and a half? What have you done lately?"  But every so often they'll reach back to the well for a tried and true product that touched a nerve or just makes sense.

Such was the case this month with the Gear Junkie, a renowned and nationally syndicated gear, travel and adventure blog, who revisited a Gerber favorite of theirs – the Shard.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 8.50.40 AM

Credited as bringing more to the table than meets the eye, the Shard proved "really handy" performing well in a variety of tasks from opening packages, breaking down cardboard boxes, removing staples, tightening rifle sights and, of course, open bottles of beer.

That's a lot of functionality for around $7 and proves that innovation CAN come in small packages.