SUP Magazine Features Gerber Gator Combo Axe II in Fall Issue

Ocean people, river people, mountain people, outdoor people – all people.  One thing unites them unlike any other, and that's GEAR.  There's nothing quite like breaking out that fresh piece in anticipation of where the next adventure will take you. Unless it's packing up for a long journey with an old friend that you know you can depend on to get you through hell and back.

With this in mind we were pleased to find the Gator Combo Axe II, gear that definitely falls into the latter category, in the pages of SUP Magazine this month. Part of an outdoor lifestyle gear round-up, the Combo Axe makes the grade with its innovative design in the magazine's inaugural 'Gear's Good' section.

SUP_Fall2013_Cover SUP_Fall2013_GerberComboAxe