Strongarm Muscles Out the Competition in OffGrid Survival’s “Fixed Blade Face-Off”

Offgrid, Recoil magazine's online arm, and the internet's nexus for all things survival put the Strongarm in a head-to-head test against SOG's Seal Strike fixed blade.  

The Strongarm manhandles the Seal Strike and emerges as the victor as the reliable must-have fixed blade for any survival scenario.  Both blades get points early-on but the SOG takes a hit when the 'premium' sheath drives MSRP way up, giving Gerber an early lead. The test features teh Strongarm first, and it gets immediate kudos for handle feel and construction, and the praise continues on the blade material, 'Made in Portland' stamp, and supremely well designed sheath.  

The review of the Seal Strike doesn't go quite as well… The blade takes hits right at the start on the sheath design and cost, with overpriced features and less useful design.  The hits keep coming when analysis moves to the knife itself, with immediate critique of handle-feel and construction.  The reviewer likened the SOG to more of a precision blade than a robust tool needed in survival situations. 

In conclusion, the Gerber emerges the clear winner and the reviewer's choice for a reliable, well designed, USA made survival blade.

You can read the full article here:

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