Skyridge Knife Featured in Outside Buyer’s Guide

We've all been there, standing at the trailhead, lifting your pack and realizing you've brought way too much stuff. Hiking around the backwoods with a heavy pack, you quickly learn what gear is essential and what gear just isn't worth the weight. It can be tricky to nail down which tools are crucial to improving backcountry adventures. The crew at Outside names the best of the best in their Buyer's Guide "Hike Tech" to ensure you have what you need, but not an ounce more. Gerber's Skyridge knife is one of these select vital backcountry tools. The spring-loaded blade allows you to operate with one hand and the G-10 handle won't absorb water or slip around in your grip. Another year, another Buyer's Guide win for Gerber!

OutsideBGsummer_april2015_cover  OutsideBG_May2015_Gerber