Outside Magazine Spotlights Gerber MP1

Let's face it – it's a tech age and being mobile is a must in life, be that in the equipment you carry or in the approach you take to your day. Its a notion not lost on the editors at Outside Magazine who've compiled a list of top gear this month – gear designed to excel on the fly and give you that extra edge you need when it counts most.

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It's a tenet central to Gerber as well – solving problems – wherever they may appear and we're proud so say that the MP1 multi-tool was featured in this mix of smartly designed products, thoroughly field tested, built to carry you through whatever trouble comes your way.  The MP1 in particular was given high marks for its versatility, mix of tools and easy to carry (lightweight) design.

The article was also posted online doubling Gerber's exposure and further underscoring the brand's commitment to innovation and delivering top quality products to the marketplace.