Outdoor Life Spotlights Gerber Myth Hatchet

One-hand wonders! That's how Outdoor Life describes a round-up of their favorite short axes, hatchets and tomahawks in this month's issue. Fittingly, the Gerber Myth hatchet is on the sharp end, gaining inclusion on the backs of its sweeping, high-carbon stainless steel blade and deft handling capabilities. A "no-brainer addition to any backcountry pack" the Myth hatchet handles big game with ease and weighing less than a pound won't bog you down as you're chasing your quarry from ridgeline to moraine and back again.

OL_May14_cover OL_May14_Gerber

The article appears online as well, helping to spread the good word on Gerber throughout the hunting community.  Hope you put in for those tags. Go-time is coming!