Man Versus Wild Kicks off 5th Season, Gerber Prodigy Knife Called to Action

Discovery Channel's hit series Man Versus Wild, starring the intrepid Bear Grylls, kicked off it's 5th season last week with a hungry Bear hunting for sharks with his bare hands in Torres Strait. Season five promises to be one of the most exciting yet with adventures filmed on location in remote areas from Northern Australia to the Canadian Rockies. 


As always Bear will face his challenges alone, with only his wits, determination and a few tools to carry him through. Fortunately for him Gerber will be at his side as the Prodigy, a knife built for survival, is Bear's blade of choice this season. We're confident that the Prodigy will deliver and help see Bear safely on his way and frankly we can't wait to see just what sort of trouble Bear will have to navigate this season.

So tune in to the Discovery Channel Wednesday nights and enjoy the show – and next season keep your eyes peeled for the new Ultimate Knife - as Bear moves toward using this innovative new collaboration on the show.