Knives Illustrated Spotlights Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Pro and Gator Machete Pro

Gerber scored a double header in the October issue of Knives Illustrated Magazine with feature articles on both the Myth Fixed Blade Pro and the Gator Machete Pro.

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“This Myth is Reality” exclaims article number one, as editors extoll the Fixed Blade Pro as “ideal for hunting” and “maneuverable in tight places”. A comprehensive review, the blade was “not tortured, but tested” and passed with flying colors based in its smart design, superior grip and innovative sharpener.


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The magazine’s second spotlight featured the Gerber Gator Machete Pro, the next evolution of the legendary Woodsman’s Pal, as a tool that will deliver for clearance work and/or survival tasks. Calling it an “excellent kit for anyone requiring a serious clearing tool, or for anyone needing to operate in a heavily wooded environment for survival” the authors gave the Pro no quarter and came away duly impressed.

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All in all, two great reviews and a fantastic showing for Gerber in one of the industry’s top knife and weapon books.  More, of course, to come….