Gerber’s LMFII Named to Gear Patrol’s “Top 10”

You can’t buy a cheap knife for $10 at a flea market and expect it to endure serious punishment in the field. A well-made knife is crucial in the outdoors which is why Gear Patrol lays out what you need to know and names the “10 Best Fixed-Blade Knives” so you know just what to look for in your next knife. Gerber’s LMFII easily makes the top ten. This ten inch blade withstood ruthless military field testing, punctured a plane fuselage and punched through a windshield of a chopper. The grippy handle ensures safety while its sheath hosts a built-in sharpener to ensure your blade never dulls. The Gerber LMFII is both sleek and strong and receives top marks in Gear Patrol’s Top 10.

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