Gerber Vital Crushes the Competition in Petersen’s Hunting

Precision surgical slicing is crucial for any big game hunter and replaceable blades are becoming essential for these clean field cuts. Havalon and Outdoor Edge pioneered the market of replaceable utility blade knives, but now Gerber has entered the game creating the Vital Fixed Blade. The Gerber Vital is sleek and easy to use. A push of the button and the blade easily pops off for replacement. It has a high-visual orange rubber handle to ensure you never lose your knife in the field and boasts industry standard #60 razor blades. According to Petersen's Hunting, the Gerber Vital Fixed Blade, "crushes the competition with its ease of use." It's a must-have for every hunter!

PetersensHunting_April2015_Thermacell_cover  PetersensHunting_April2015_Thermacell