Gerber Storms Gotham – News from Marketing’s Mean Streets

The saying goes – when the going gets tough, the tough get going and in today's media environment those words have never rung more true.  As the foundations of traditional media continue to shake and the competition for coverage gets increasingly fierce each day marketing and PR teams have to dig deep to get their desired results.

Case in point, Gerber joined Backbone Media and a host of clients earlier this month for a trip to New York City, taking our latest and greatest products to the mean streets of Manhattan in an intimate showcase for top-flight media.  With twelve diverse brands in attendance and over fifty journalists at the event we're confident our time spent in the big apple will pay off in future coverage.

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In addition to the product showcase we took the time to visit the Harris Publications office, meeting with editors and publishers from Tactical Knives,, Rifle Firepower and Tactical Weapons among others.  As you can see, dividends are already coming in and the stage is set for future coverage.

All in all, time well spent – and tactics to keep in our pocket for future visits!