Gerber Steady Featured in Coveted ‘Field & Stream’ Field Test

Illustrating its allure across markets the Steady was called in by the editors of Field & Stream for inclusion in their recurring Field Test column.  A four-month crucible designed to judge a product’s versatility, dependability and ultility, this F&S Field Test pitted four avid hunters against some of the best names in the multi-tool market.

We’re happy to report that the Steady held its own with marks for a “small but useful selection of tools” and its ease in carrying. Tester Jeremy Stephens, a hunter from Missouri who logs 100 days in the field a year, was quoted as saying “it fit in my pocket nicely and was the tool I used most”.

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While the Steady is geared more toward the traditional outdoor set – hikers, backpackers, etc and was on the light end of the spectrum here – it’s nice to see the tool cross over as consumers are the one’s who will really decide how they use our gear.  And well – as long as they’re carrying a Gerber that’s A-OK with us.