Gerber Scores Twin Hits in April Field & Stream

We’ve said it before, but it’s as true now as it was then – if one is good, two is BETTER!  All the more reason to celebrate the April issue of Field & Stream this month as Gerber lands a placement in a must-have product round-up as well as an interesting story in Field & Stream’s monthly ‘Close Call’s section.

F&S_Apr12_cover Field&Stream_Apr12_GerberTool Field&Stream_APR12_GerberStory

For starters the Gerber Suspension multi-tool gets the nod in the F&S ‘Instant Guide’ section as an essential component to any turkey hunter’s kit, but things get really interesting when writer Steve Masello share his story of our very own Crucial FAST quite literally saving the day.

Apparently our intrepid author was hunting some lowland last fall when his boot – and by default his right leg – became trapped in a muddy bog.  The more he struggled, the worse things became, to the point Steve fired two distress shots into the air to summon help.  At last, with the aid of his hunting partner and his handy Crucial FAST (serendipitously on loan from the Gerber marketing dept), Steve was able to cut through the laces of his hunting boot and safely return.

Gerber comes to the rescue once again!  Now let’s steer clear of those mud puddles, eh Steve?