Gerber on Patrol with Special Ops in Time Magazine

Tools of the trade – that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. In some cases they are the tools that simply help us through our work day, but in others – especially the most extreme cases – the tools of the trade allow their owners to literally get through one day in order to see the next.

Welcome to the hidden world of America’s toughest warriors – Special Ops fighters who lay it all on the line in service of country, and each other, and who depend on the gear they carry with them unlke any other.

Time Magazine recently honored these heroes with a look behind the curtain at the gear they carry with them in their extraordinary tasks.

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From the historic Mark II to today’s multi-tools (below, bottom right) Gerber is proud to be the number one supplier of knives and tools to the U. S. military.

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