Gerber LMF II Wins Reader’s Test


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In the February issue of Field & Stream (circ. 1.7 million), editors lined-up a list of the very best fixed blade knives- the winner, the Gerber LMF II by a mile.

“This is in a class by itself. When was the last time you got instructions on how to make a spear, break Plexiglass, or drive nails with a knife?” _ Peter Wilson, Field & Stream reader Test participant.

“I’m not sure if it’s possible to break this knife.” -Cory Lundberg

Other knives tested: Spyderco Bill Moarn Plain FB01P (Reader felt it couldn’t take the same abuse as the other knives), SOG Seal PUP Elite (poorest of the group when it came to holding an edge), Buck Short Nighthawk (the handle didn’t hold up to the sledge hammer test, it needed sharpened after skinning only one animal).