Gerber in Gear Junkie’s “Winter Survival Kit”

We have all been there, white knuckles gripping the wheel as we strain to drive along through the storm. Slippery roads, white-outs, and road closures make winter driving less than a relaxing cruise. Gear Junkie spoke to Jim Cobb, a consultant who specializes in disaster readiness to list the most important gear to carry in your car or truck this winter. Warm clothes, tow ropes and a flashlight are crucial, but when it comes to digging your truck out of the snowbank or a wintery ditch, a heavy duty, compact shovel is crucial. The Gerber Gorge Shovel fits easily into the trunk of a car, but is sturdy enough to break through massive snow berms and hard pack. The Gorge Shovel can dig you out of everything from your office parking lot to the possible trip to the ditch. With the Gerber Gorge you'll never get caught unprepared for winter's white-knuckle driving! 

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