Gerber Hello Trouble Tour Takes on America

For beautiful and spacious skies – and jacked up four wheel drive….


Well, at Gerber, we have always marched to our own tune and this one is no different.  The Hello Trouble Tour is currently and proudly making its way across this great land, delivering the Gerber brand experience to consumers, supporting key retail partners in markets across the U.S., and generally seeking out Trouble.

Launched from Portland, in the one and only Black Boar – a battle ready, customized 4WD van – which is currently home to a team of six Gerber brand ambassadors, the Hello Trouble Tour will wind it's way through hill and dale, culminating in an appearance at the Pop-Up Flea, a celebration of American made goods in New York City.

You can follow the tour live here in map, pictures and even soundtrack.

Please stay tuned and join us as we welcome #hellotrouble.