Gerber Gear Makes the Grade in New American Truth Reviews

In today's shifting media landscape – with ever tighter deadlines and shrinking editorial staffs – one of the unspoken (and sad) truths is that often products that are "reviewed" aren't fully put to the test. Enter writer Frank Borelli and the website New American Truth who have never met a product that they didn't beat the tar out of…

Over the course of the past couple weeks Mr. Borelli and his staff have put the screws to a number of Gerber products including the Expert flashlight as well as the 06 F.A.S.T and Epic knives. We at Gerber of course welcome a challenge and not surprisingly all three products received solid reviews after thorough testing.

Hats off to our product development teams, R&D and all those involved with building the finest knives, tools, lights and equipment in the industry!