Gerber E-Tool an Essential in Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics lays out "The Ultimate All-Weather Road Kit" for when you're driving in snow, ice, heavy rain, or extreme cold. When the weather gods are against you, what matters is what you've got in your trunk. The Gerber E-Tool with pick could be the difference between stuck in the snowy ditch and arriving safely to the comfort of your own home. Ideally, we would all love to have a heavy duty shovel in our car, but we don't always have the space to keep one on hand at all times. The Gerber E-Tool is compact, foldable, and can chop through the nastiest of frozen snow and muck. The E-tool also has a sharp pick for rocks and tree roots. With the Gerber E-Tool you'll never be caught unprepared.

PopMechanics_Gerber_Nov2014_cover  PopMechanics_Gerber_Nov2014