Gerber 39 Series Knives Take Flight

Timeless. Style.

The consistent and appropriate reaction to the new 39 Series and one we hear in the media with virtually every pitch.  A nod to Gerber's heritage infused with today's innovation, 39 Series knives are hot with early placement across print and online media.

Most recently the editors at Men' featured the 39 Series Pocket folder in their Father's Day gift guide, while the notoriously hard-to-impress editors at unveiled the blade in a recent post.

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Lastly, but not leastly, Men's Journal featured the 39 Series Sheath Folder as a "blade with a backstory" both online and in print. With a nod to the brand's 75th anniversary and homage to Joseph Gerber editors are quick to point out the knife's balanced feel and rugged performance. 

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