features two Gerber gifts for Valentine’s Day

Allison with comes through for the second time in 3 months with side-by-side pieces featuring gifts for Valentine’s Day, for men and women, respectively. The piece ran on the homepage and a video featuring Gerber ran on the TechTake section of the site.

For the men, the Impromptu Tactical Pen makes the top of the list with a matching headline photo as well. Described as a “pen that James Bond wouldn’t leave home without,’ the top item in the list is described as a versatile tool for any situation, including self defense. The article also includes a link to Gerber’s website.

For the women, the Gerber Dime makes the list. However, the piece is curiously missing a mention of the ‘Gerber’ name or a link to the product.  The piece runs through the features of the Dime, and positions it as a lower cost, high value product on the list.

These FoxNews website hits generate a huge volume of impressions, as well as media value. We plan to maintain this relationship and keep Allison steeped in Gerber gear as we move through 2016.

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