Field & Stream Spotlights Gerber E-Tool

If there’s one tool that does it all it’s Gerber’s E-Tool. Weighing in at 2 pounds 5 ounces and 9¼ inches when folded, this multi-tool is lightweight and compact. When it comes to uses the Gerber E-Tool doesn’t skimp. Field and Stream lays out the many ways the E-Tool can be an asset in the field. Not only can you use the E-Tool for digging, but you can also use it to set an anchor for your canoe or rowboat. You can stake out your tent, use the sharp edge of the blade to chop wood, and the serrated edge to clear away brush. Need a place to sit? The E-Tool can be folded into a camp chair. When your outboard craps out on you, this tool converts to a paddle to steer you to shore. You can even use it as a cook top! This article breaks down exactly how to make the most of your Gerber E-Tool.

FieldandStream_Gerber_July2014_cover FieldandStream_Gerber_July2014