Simply put, Oliver White is a fisherman. It’s the most natural outcome for someone like him who fell in love with fishing early. And by love, he means: willing to follow wherever fishing wanted to take him.

Travel to a new country to investigate a fishery? He’ll be packed in an hour. Explore an uncharted river? He’s in. Stalk a fish that’s never seen a fisherman? He want to solve the puzzle, crack into that animal’s head and figure out how to catch it. After years of living in fishing’s gravity, he’s witnessed how it can alter orbits beyond his own.

  • His primary job is running Abaco and Barr’s lodge, 2 great lodges in the Bahamas that are regarded as some of the best in the world.
  • In 2014 he cofounded the non-profit Indifly, whos mission is to help create sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities by teaching them how to use fly fishing as a form of income.