Are You a Fan Yet? Gerber Gear and Gerber Gear Military Facebook Pages Gaining Momentum

The way consumers communicate, research, discover and evaluate products in the marketplace today is an ever changing landscape, however we can say one this with certainty – the social media phenomenon is no fad and it's here to stay.  Recognizing this Gerber is making great efforts on the social web to engage consumers directly, monitor the conversations throughout the blogosphere and ultimately drive awareness and trial of Gerber products.

Two prime examples of this are the Gerber Gear and Gerber Gear – Military Facebook pages. Through these portals we're able to engage brand enthusiasts and newcomers alike, digest real-time product feedback, share stories of self reliance and oh, yea – have a little fun while doing it.

If you're not a "fan" yet we encourage you to click through and see what the buzz is all about. Please feel free to loop retail partners in as well – we often add key PR placements to the mix – and they can witness first hand the support we put behind our products and our dealers.

So join the revolution, share the good word and ride the wave.